Selection Guidance for Mesh Welding Production line

Important customer details
Name   * Country    *
E-mail Power supply  V  * Hz  *

Raw material to weld
Material Low carbon      
Line wire Wire dia. mm  *     Feeding type: In coil ( kg per coil)  Pre-cut( mm length)
Cross wire Wire dia.  mm  *    Feeding type: In coil ( kg per coil)  Pre-cut( mm length)
Welded wire mesh
In coil or panel In coil ( kg per coil) In sheet (mm length) Mesh width(mm)
Mesh size Diagonal tolerance(mm) line wire space(mm) cross wire space(mm) Line wire dia.(mm) Cross wire dia.(mm)  Persent of total
Size 1
Size 2
Size 3
Machine requirements
Speed strokes/min Welding head
Welding method
Cross wire space
Drive system Mechanical type    Air Type
Accessory machines
Wire straightening and cut machine   Hydraulic type   Pneumatic   Mechanical    High speed fly shear
Vertical wire pay-off   Spooler wire pay-off  Line wire straightening table    X-type line wire straightening device   Fence bending machine   
Cutting machine     Mesh collecting table   Mesh collecting table with turner   Recoiler   
(Please note that accommodation expense for our technicians who sent to aboard to test the machine will be paid by buyer. )
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