Selection guidance for building mesh production line

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Finished product requirement
Finished product Rib lath          Hi-rib Lath          Brickwork mesh          Angle bead           Stucco lath
Plaster stop bead          Movement bead          Control joint bead          Architrave bead   
Mesh size

Mesh opening size mm *

Strand width

Material Low carbon Galvanized Steel          Aluminum          Stainless steel         
Other Steel           Max. thickness mm*     

Machine requirements
Speed High speed         Low speed
Feeding type Mechanical type         Servo feeding device
Controlling system Electrical control Normal type         PLC
Other control Length calculate          pieces calculate
Mould material Die steel          High-speed steel          Alloy steel          TC53 
(Please note that accommodation expense for our technicians who sent to aboard to test the machine will be paid by buyer. )
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